Kyou no Asuka Show

It’s been a while since I wrote a manga post, so here is one ^^


今日のあすかショー, aka Today’s Asuka Show.


Previously this manga isn’t available digitally, so I requested it to BookLive! via their request form. I requested on early February, and this manga was apparently released digitally on early March, all 4 volumes ^^ Probably just a coincidence… ^^;

Kyou no Asuka Show is a slice-of-life manga about Asuka, a high-school girl. Other than being super kind and innocent, she’s okay for the most part except for some eccentricity, like how she isn’t embarrassed about her panty showing ^^;

The stories comes in several different flavors, but mostly it’s about strangers bumping into her and their days somehow change for the better as a result. The other type of story is about her pondering why some things are the way they are. Then there is also her interactions with her father and female kouhai who adores her (think of Kuroko in Railgun series)

I kinda wish the manga doesn’t stop at 4 volumes though, since this manga is like Doraemon where each chapter is pretty much self-contained, but oh well ^^;

There’s also anime version, which episodes are just a few minutes each. The anime is generally scene-by-scene adaptation of select manga chapters of the first two volumes.

Some trivias about her:

– She’s not embarrassed about her panty showing.



– She treats everyone kindly, even if they may be low in society ladder. Strangers may have negative preconceived notions about high-school girls and was expecting her to behave in the same way, but her kind reactions tend to catch them off-guard.

– Many people change for the better because of meeting her (gloomy student, sneaky photographer, perverted uncle, etc).


– She eats many foods throughout the series, from ice cream to sweet potatoes etc. She tends to put takoyaki in her mouth when it’s still too hot. She also prefers shabu shabu and yakiniku to sukiyaki. She doesn’t like raw egg, especially egg white.

– Although innocent, she’s not too oblivious. She knows if people are trying to take advantage of her, and she understands the concept of chikan etc.

– Although she doesn’t seem to be a school outcast, she is often seen alone in cafe, restaurant etc. She doesn’t look depressed about being alone. She seems to enjoy reading books, eating foods or doing some activities by herself.

– She often listens to other people’s conversations (unintentionally) and ends up butting in to give her opinion.


– She’s pretty smart as she can do her homework. She often reads books while sitting on a bench, etc.

– She is in track and field team.

– She even helps out in other schools, such as becoming drawing model for the art club. The students of the other schools think that she’s from their schools and wish to join the same club as her (where she’s nowhere to be found, since she’s not in the same school).

– She’s pretty brave, too. She handles molesters, exhibitionists and gangsters pretty well.

– When offered to become an idol, she finds herself too embarrassed about becoming singer idol or gravure idol, but she’s apparently okay about being a nude idol (the agency that contacted her is not that kind of agency, so it didn’t work out in the end).



– She has good, playful relationship with her father, though her father is often troubled at his daughter’s unintentionally erotic behaviors.

Anyway, gotta say I really enjoyed this series, even though there is not much plot progression going on ^^ I think this is the kind of manga that you can reread again and again, making it a more worthwhile purchase.

I guess this page pretty much sums up the concept of the series:



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