Oneechanbara Z Kagura Violent & Berserk


Beat Violent mode (harder than Hard), which turns out not to be too difficult, if at all.

Then I started on Berserk mode, unlocked after Violent. I was expecting it to be the hardest difficulty, but it turns out to be a ‘fun mode’ ^^; (no wonder the trophy is Bronze…)

Basically, in this mode, as its name implies, you stay in Berserk mode all the time, normally triggered by absorbing too much red orb from enemies. This mode makes you more powerful but at the same time drains your health slowly and steadily. But you can still regenerate your health by using ‘Blood Recovery’, though the health bar would look like having a tug of war… ^^;

Sped through Berserk Mode and gotta say I’m pretty much done with the Story mode, unless some of the Quests (objectives, which have corresponding trophies) require that I revisit some areas in Story mode.

Some of the Quests seem to be grind-hell, though. Like, I’ve played 4 difficulties now, how can I still not get the Quests for killing big bosses and absorbing yellow orbs? -.-”

The next big thing left to do seems to be Mission. There are 25 missions and I’ve completed them on Medium difficulty. The silver trophy related to Mission mode seems to require me to V-rank all the missions. Not sure if I can just do it in lowest difficulty (I suspect so). I haven’t really figured out how the scoring system works so I guess it’s time to do so -.-;


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