Project Diva F 2nd First Impressions


Just completed all songs on Normal. My first impressions:

– I think Normal has gotten harder. Some parts I feel like they would have been reserved for Hard in the past games. Maybe it’s because I’m out of shape ^^;

– Quite a number of old songs from PSP installment get remade into Vita quality in this one. With the exception of Melt, the dance and stage choreography are pretty much faithful to the original version, but of course they look much better. The notes change to accommodate new gameplay elements and there are additional elements for successful Chance Time Bonus, of course. Oh, and Miku now dances with a stick in Miracle Paint (I personally prefer the one without stick since I think it’s more sexy, but oh well).

– Hatsune Miku V3 (illustrated by iXima) is a module in this game (similar outfit but cleaner). This is kinda duh but I’m glad it’s in ^^

– The two new gameplay notes are Link Scratch and Double Scratch. Double Scratch, which requires player to swipe with two thumbs together, is a natural progression, I think. I find it easier to swipe alternatively (i.e., if my left thumb swipes up, my right thumb would swipe down) rather than both thumbs swiping at the same direction. The Link Scratch’s trick is that the star marker can change speed as it travels through the checkpoints. Sometimes have to rely on the song’s rhythm to overcome the trick.

– The theme song Decorator is pretty nice. It’s the first time in a PV that all 6 Vocaloids are together. The previous record is in Project Diva f, 4 Vocaloids. Despite that, I don’t feel any slowdown at all and anywhere else in the game ^^

– More impressive lighting effects. The UI has also improved and gives a fresh feeling. The concept of the images for loading screen seems to be various modules from different songs throughout the series cross-interacting with one another (so kind of like dimension-breaking).

– Sakura no Ame, a song in the first Project Diva game, is the only song not included in the first Dreamy Theater (PS3 HD ‘add-on’ to the first game) probably due to licensing issues. After that it no longer reappears in other games, until now. This is probably the most surprising return. Tadaima! ^^

– Probably the most beautiful song and PV in this game is メテオ (Meteor). The most interesting one is Knife, where Miku, Rin and Len do sword-dueling (with results akin to Star Wars).

– First duet of Kaito and Len in the song ‘erase or zero’.

– Two songs in my wishlist are in: Karakuri Piero and Kochira Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu (this one is obvious). Kagero Days, which I kinda don’t understand why it’s so popular is also in (this song’s role is the counterpart to Black Rock Shooter song in Project Diva f).

– The toon-shaded Ura Omote from Project Diva Arcade is in. It looks pretty nice ^^

– No shared song with Project Diva f, which is good ^^

– The last 4 songs are: World Is Mine (the first ever song in Project Diva series), Decorator (the theme song in Project Diva game that is the furthest ever to be unlocked), Hatsune Miku no Gekisho (the boss song from Project Diva 2nd) and then 2D Dream Fiber (the new boss song for this game).

I think this is another great installment to the series ^^

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