Project Diva F 2nd More Impressions

– Melt PV is special as it shows three versions of Miku: Original, Append and V3.

– The slow part at the end of Kochira Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu is apparently edited out in this game version. Not sure why… either it can’t fit the PV or the gameplay. I’m kinda indifferent, but some people may not like this ^^;

– This time they make unlocking stuffs more interesting. Each song has a set of objectives, and some of them are unique, like beat the song with particular challenge item, or with recommended outfits etc. After unlocked, still have to buy the items in shop though -.-;

– After playing a few times, the game will randomly ‘pick’ a song. If you choose to play this ‘pick-up’ song, you’ll get more Diva points after beating it (double I think?)

– In Diva Room, you can’t just keep giving characters the same gift now… neither can you rub their heads indefinitely. Apparently you gotta wait for some time to pass by.

– The platinum trophy don’t seem difficult, unless there are hidden requirements. Rhythm-game wise, seem to just need to complete Hard (which I did), the rest seem to be grinding and chores to unlock stuffs and max relationships etc.

– There is a trophy for watching all AR Lives. I never tried this feature on Project Diva f before, so I thought might as well try it in this one. Gotta say it worked pretty well with the marker, the annoying part, which took out the immersion for me, is how grainy Vita’s camera is -_-;


– My first and only perfect on Hard so far. I think there are a few Hard songs which perfect I barely missed and I could’ve retried and gotten them, but I decided to do other stuffs.


– But yeah, I think this game is the hardest Project Diva game to date, because of the new notes and the more intricate patterns… I think I’m gonna struggle in perfecting all Hard songs, let alone Extreme ^^;

– If I fail a song with two characters, apparently one of them cries… ^^;


– Hisasi did an illustration for the loading screen:


He also did front cover of one of Kantai Collection’s anthology comics, btw ^^;



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