Acecook’s Gokukara RED Ika Yakisoba

Japanese name: エースコック スーパーカップ 大盛りいか焼そば 極辛RED

Thought of adding a new topic to this blog, and that’s instant noodle! XD

Japan seems to have lots of interesting ones, so I thought I would try them out one by one, along with calorie count and my impressions ^^

So let’s begin with this one:


If you look at the photo, there’s a warning on the yellow tape below. It says: not recommended for little children or people who are bad at spicy foods.

Sounds like a challenge to me! >_<


Seems like most of the spiciness would come from the green packet…


Calories: 693

Review: It is indeed spicy! Although I can take it, I still sweat a lot. I might prefer this to standard Ika Yakisoba now just for the kick X)

My rating: 4/5

There’s a nice Japanese YouTube review too: ^^


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