Project Diva F 2nd [3]

Just perfected all songs on Easy. Tackling Normal now.

It may seem I took a long time, but it’s because I was also watching every PVs for the trophy. Plus, I have also completed all songs on Normal and Hard (but not perfect).

My only other Hard Perfect so far… ^^;


Also still trying to unlock all the song-specific items. Some of the objectives are annoying that basically you just have to keep playing -.-; Some are interesting, though, like you have to equip certain customization item, and the customization item may be a reward from other song etc. And the customization item is somewhat related to the song, though there’s a funny one, like attaching a mustache to otherwise serious song ^^

The new mini-game in this game, where you’re supposed to copy what the Vocaloid is doing, has a trick: you can just keep swiping up until the Vocaloid locks their arms, then you keep swiping horizontally inward. Then there are other patterns before the whole thing repeats but it’s always the same (except the very end). Basically since the input is fast, a swipe also registers as a tap, so you can just keep swiping in such a way that you don’t make much change.

In Diva Room, if you keep petting the Vocaloids’ heads, sometimes they may request you something: either to play games, change outfit, music, room poster etc. Apparently you can keep getting more items if you keep fulfilling their requests. So even if you’ve gotten the trophies related to maxing their relationship levels, you may still want to keep petting them and answering their requests.

Like the previous game, there is a trophy that requires you to see all loading screen illustrations. It comes naturally, but the last one tends to be stubborn to come out. This is my last one:


One of the rare poses in main menu screen (usually it’s a standing praying position)


Or maybe this is special for Rin… ^^; I’m switching to Rin now since I’ve used Miku a lot and I think I have unlocked every stuffs for playing as her.

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