Project Diva F 2nd [4]

Perfected more Hard songs:



Also perfected Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru on Hard, but forgot to capture the screenshot ^^;

Using Meiko now as she is the only one I haven’t gotten the UI skin of (by playing as her 50 times).

Some tidbits:




In DECORATOR, the appearance order is: Miku, Rin & Len, Kaito then Meiko & Luka. You may be wondering why it’s not Luka then Kaito & Meiko (the usual Project Diva order). It’s because Kaito V3 made it in the game, but not Meiko V3 (released on February 2014). Luka doesn’t have V3 yet. So it’s kinda by ‘first-upgrade’ order (Miku Append, Rin & Len Append, Kaito V3, not-in-the game Meiko V3 and upcoming Luka V3).

Although technically only Miku is singing in Ura Omote Lovers, there are 2 vocals in this song (in other songs, the second vocal would’ve been a guest). So if you pick a different character for the second vocal, you can increase both characters’ play count at the same time.

For the Acchi Muite Hoi mini-game, in the case we win the rock paper scissors, the Vocaloid tends to look up first, then down (not always). Knowing this can speed up the game a little bit.

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