Acecook’s EDGE Oni Mayo Yakisoba

Japanese name: エースコック EDGE 鬼マヨ焼そば


The special thing about this yakisoba is that it has (supposedly much) more mayonnaise than other yakisobas.

The mayonnaise packet is bigger than the rest!


Before mixing:


There’s no black sauce, so the whole thing is just mayonnaise and spice.


Calories: 721 (quite understandable… ^^;)

Review: Yep, if you think that there’s not enough mayonnaise in other yakisobas, this is the one to go ^^; I feel very full after eating it even when I was hungry before. It’s very delicious, but at the same time it somehow makes me appreciate the more standard, restrained, yakisobas ^^;

My rating: 4/5

Nice Japanese YouTube review I found on the web:


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