Project Diva F 2nd [5] Platinum!


Finally got the platinum! XD

The most tedious trophy in this game is 雑貨マスター, which asks you to collect all wall, table and floor items.

Once you’ve tried everything (give a lot of presents to Vocaloids, max their affections, make them angry then make up with them, use the gadgets, advance Vita clock etc etc), the last item you would probably unlock is びっくり時計, a wall item.

びっくり時計 can be unlocked simply by keep fulfilling Vocaloids’ requests (they will make requests if you pet them in the head often enough). Just like giving presents, it would be a while before you get the last item (there’s quite a gap from the second last item).

Got the item after petting Ren:


Buy it in store:


Profit! XD


I was lucky that I have been petting them here and then. It’s because I was working toward クラスタ trophies (raise Vocaloids’ affection to level 5) and noticed that I still kept getting items, so I kept petting them. For those who have been ignoring this, the grind might take longer ^^;

I checked, and apparently I was the 6th to earn platinum in PSN Trophy Leaders. Well, this was the highest position I ever reached in a trophy race, I guess ^^;

20 thoughts on “Project Diva F 2nd [5] Platinum!

    1. Helu Post author

      Sure ^^ For each of them, you pet them until their heart balloon explodes. Do it several times. You’ll know it when they get angry. Then make up with them by giving present or petting them (you can pet them even when their head is turned against you). Eventually they will make up with you. You might have to wait before you can present or pet them. Each sticker unlocks when you made up with each of them.

      The best petting gesture btw (in case you’re having difficulty) seems to be continuously drawing a small circle just above their forehead (instead of zig-zagging horizontally).

  1. Charlie

    I still need to get unlock all room items/furniture and themes!! ive done everything i can think of! maxed them all out, fallen out with them, done all the song unlocks, got all gifts ect. i have no idea hwo to unlock the last few things!

    1. Helu Post author

      Did you 1) get the Bikkuri Tokei item (can check the kanji above) 2) keep advancing Vita clock to the next day and go to Diva Room each advance 3) keep giving them a lot of presents?

      1. Charlie

        im playing on PS3 ive given them tons of presets overtime just trying to get the events (which ive got now) and i havent got the wall clock thing yet. ive put about 90+ hours into trying to get stuff XD what does moving time forward do?

      2. Helu Post author

        Basically for each new day, if you enter Diva Room for the first time, you can get a new item. So if you want to speed this process up, you can advance the system date until you no longer receive any item ^^

        I just remember another not-straighforward set of items to get. There are 6 items (so one for each Vocaloid) where you have to make each of them angry (by purposely bursting their balloon when petting their heads) (you can see whole-screen effect when you successfully make them angry). Then make up with them (by keep giving present or petting their heads correctly – yes you can still pet their heads while their backs are turned against you)

  2. Charlie

    unfortunately ive got all the enter by day ones AND ive burst the heart and petted them all to get the sticker things. where could i be missing a ROOM THEME or furniture for it??

    1. Helu Post author

      As far as I remember, after the enter-by-day ones, the rest of the room themes or furnitures is gotten by keep giving the Vocaloids presents :o

      1. Charlie

        still haven’t got anything, new been gifting and petting them pretty much all day can you write down or link me to a list of room themes/furniture? i am so lost and i dont even know what ones im missiing

  3. Charlie

    google translate isnt heloing much!! ill do my best to decipher this, thank you xx you are the only person on the internet that is helping me right now! XD

      1. Alex Desro (@beatmaniak)

        Do i have to lower to 0 because now everything is messed up . They like what they used to hate for presents… does the sticker unlock upon getting angry or when they are happy again. its really confusing. thanks for the help . because i`ve lower them till they leave the room and dont want to be touch or have presents again and raise them back but nothing is happening.

      2. Helu Post author

        When they are happy again. It takes some time for them to make up with you. Just keep giving them presents ^^

  4. Alex Desro (@beatmaniak)

    Finally found out how too … you just need to lower the friendship 2 or 3 times till it makes them say something and move you back to the room. then click on them again, they will have their back turned and you will see the gloom bars , give them something or rub them till they become happy again . i used birthday cakes most of them got back to happy in 1 gift . hope it will help some .^_-


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