It’s that time again ^^;


After winding down from having platinum-ed Project Diva F 2nd, can’t decide what to play next ^^;

Project Diva F 2nd
I guess I would still try to perfect at least one song a day. Still perfecting Normals now…

Metal Gear Solid 4
Still left with 4 playthroughs (3 grinds, 1 challenge). Gotta say I feel a bit sick of replaying the game now ^^; Maybe I should get the hardest playthrough out of the way first.

Metal Gear Rising
After having beaten Hard mode, I thought Revengeance is the next difficulty. It turns out there is still Very Hard mode in-between (-_-)

Oneechanbara Z Kagura
Left with the missions and remaining quests to grind. Not sure how hard it is to V-rank the missions, but I probably just have to do it as fast as I can, racking lots of combo and without taking any damage.

Neptune Re;Birth 2
Somehow I feel like I should finish Re;Birth 1 first… ^^;

Neptune Re;Birth 1
In terms of trophies, I’m left with grinding for 100 million gold trophy. Instead of just beating the monster Kurione, I try to synthesize all the stuffs I haven’t synthesized but it kinda degenerates into see what’s needed, check wiki on where to get these items, get them, rinse and repeat ^^;

Ciel nosurge
Feel like it’s about time I should get done with this game (just the trophies that can be earned without buying DLCs). This game is real-life-time so might bring about some inconvenience… -.-; I remember I have to make some promise etc to Ciel at specific time etc.

Muramasa Rebirth
Should beat Momohime story mode, then see what needs to be done to get the rest of the endings…

Atelier series
Probably should try these series again ^^; I have all the 3 Arland games on Vita. Maybe I should start from the new Rorona… ^^;

White Album
Super Heroine Chronicle
etc etc

I guess it’s true what they say that too much choices might actually make us unhappy ^^; Still haven’t solved these riddles of motivation yet… -.-;

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