Project Diva F [6] Activities & Home Screen

So I scrolled down from the game’s LiveArea, saw my ‘activities’, and realized that other than listing the trophies I’ve gotten and DLCs I’ve downloaded, the game also lists the songs I’ve perfected and on what difficulty:


So supposedly if I have friends who are also playing the game, and if the privacy settings allow for it, they would be able to know the songs I have perfected and when ^^;

It only lists the last 30 entries though (everything, including trophies and probably other people’s entries if any). I have never actually bothered to look at activities before, but now I’m kinda curious what additional things other games do (although I suspect nothing much).

Also having fun with customizing my Vita’s Home Screen ^^

Project Diva series:


If I were to have digital version of the PSP installments and a big-enough memory card, supposedly there would be more icons ^^;

Neptune series:


Gotta say in Neptune series, I’m a fan of the Lastation goddesses ^^

I probably would have a Home Screen for Atelier series, too, if I actually enter the games and discover some nice illustrations… ^^;

You might notice visual artifacts on the wallpaper, which is screenshot capture from the game. Apparently after capturing a screenshot, Vita saves the image in low-quality and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it. I know because I eyeball the screenshot and the actual game screen. I guess it’s to save space but… -_-;

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