Trying to V-rank Oneechanbara Z Kagura’s missions…

How hard is it to V-rank all those 25 missions? So I tried the first mission on Medium difficulty. I thought I did well, but then I got this:


Which is one rank shy of V-rank.

Apparently there are two types of combo counters in this game: hit and kill. The hit one is intuitive and comes off rather easily, while the kill stays for longer period of time, but requires that you kill an enemy within that time.

I personally would’ve preferred if the kill counter stays as long as I don’t take any damage ^^;

Anyway, I tried raising my max hit and kill and got V-rank:


I’m not good at keeping hit counter, so actually for the max hit, I just keep attacking the boss which I’m supposed to perform finisher on. With Mirage I guess it would be even faster. In other missions I think I can also do it on the mudmen, which can’t be defeated by normal attacks.

For the max kill, it seems that if I think I won’t make it, I can use Chaser as last resort.

If you compare, max kill seems to give greater bonus than max hit. Also, clear time doesn’t seem to be taken into account.

This is my first attempt of the second mission:


Two ranks shy?!

Never been a big fan of scoring system in action games, especially the strict ones, but oh well… -.-;


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