Ciel nosurge

Started playing this game again, hoping that I get the rest of the trophies (that I can get without buying any DLC).

It turns out after several big updates (I haven’t touched the game for so long ^^;), I have to start a new game. Oh well, no big deal, doesn’t feel like I put in much time last time either.

The game also seems to have connectivity features with Ar nosurge now. I don’t really get it of course, but one seems to be converting this game’s HymP to Ar’s GP.

This is a real-time dating simulation game btw. Probably Gust’s answer to Love Plus. It continually checks with the outside server to make sure that players are not cheating ^^;

Playing this game kinda takes my Vita hostage since switching with other games is kinda a pain. I have physical version, so that means I would need to swap cartridges. Even digital version is still troublesome since you would still need to boot up the game etc.

Anyway, lucky for me, I got two trophies quickly. It was kinda by chance, I guess. Basically when Ion is away, someone might come for a visit. That person would give a card (one trophy) which allows me to date Ion (another trophy).

I’m left with two trophies: one for unlocking all Ion’s memories (big goal in the game) and one for making myself able to sleep next to her or something (I guess when she’s about to sleep?)


When I played last time, I thought シャール (Sharls?) weren’t a big problem, like I got many strong ones. This time around it seems I need to save up HymP points. I guess they’ve balanced the game or something…


This is the シャール gotten from the game’s barcode:


Want to summon シャール from other barcodes but don’t have enough HymP yet ^^;

Not sure if I want to fall into the rabbit hole and buy all the DLCs… seems to be a costly investment ^^;


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