Ciel nosurge [2] sleeping time

So apparently when I go to the Yume Sekai, the ‘normal’ time stops -_-;

Last night I put my Vita to sleep when I was in Yume Sekai, シャール fixing a broken memory. This morning the memory is fixed, but when I go back to normal world, Ciel still only sleeps a bit, at the point I went to Yume Sekai (I expected her to have woken up and working on stuffs).


It kinda makes sense, I guess… Since she’s apparently in a tube-like thing while going to Yume Sekai, she can’t do what she’s supposedly doing at the time, including sleeping.

Had I known about this, I would go back to the normal world instead of leaving the game at Yume Sekai.

Now I think her sleeping time and mine seem to be far apart… -_-;

I can think of a way to fix it though. Basically since going to Yume Sekai stops the time, I might be able to go to Yume Sekai right before she wakes up (there’s a gauge to let us know) and synchronize it with real time of when I want her to wake up (and therefore sleep).

Story-wise, I think I’ve gotten further than last time I played it ^^

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