Schoolgirl Strikers [2] Cheatsheet


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This is a post I’ll continually update as I make new discoveries on how the ‘economy’ works in this game. This is basically a cheatsheet of what to do in order to get more of specific items, points etc. I took liberties not to include very obvious info for less clutter.

– Recover 1 point every 3 minutes

– Recover 1 point every 30 minutes

– Level up by participating in 対戦

– Side-present for 期間限定 and レアガチャ
– Clear ミッション
– Clear bonus of random レアガチャ path in ミッション (need to clear within times)
– Rank up 階級
– Referral bonus (referred gets 5; referrer gets 1, max 50)
(You can use my referral code: dRxtDTR0RY21x)

– Beat normal enemy in ミッション (200pt?)
– Your team is used by friend (daily, number of times used x 10pt?)

– Win in 対戦 (20pt?)
– Rank up 階級 (100pt+)

– Trade unused card
– Defeat random enemy in ミッション (80pt?)
– Defeat enemy in ミッション (10pt?) (sometimes)
– Return present from girl (50-100pt?)

– First rank-up in マイナー階級
– Trade with 10 レアダイヤ
– Good chance in random レアガチャ path in ミッション
– Raise girl’s 親愛値 to lv 11
– Possible return gift from girl
– Login bonus

– First rank-up in メジャー階級

– Login bonus

– A few of the 階級 rank-ups
– Login bonus

– Trade with レアダイヤ
– Clear ミッション
– Login bonus

リコレクトキー (bonus scene unlock item)
– Trade with 8 レアダイヤ
– Login bonus

メモカ (card)
– Random drop in ミッション
– In チャンスゾーン, the drop rate seems to be higher (plus can get rare cards)
– Beat normal enemy in ミッション
– ガチャ

– Increase 親愛値 level by participating in battles

– The fastest way to increase seems to win against strong players in 対戦
– If you keep talking to the same girl during ミッション, the girl’ll get communication bonus at the end
– Partner also gets partner bonus at the end of ミッション

– Get the same card (rank up, can see from +x after card’s name)
– Level up card (using 強化ポイント)


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