Schoolgirl Strikers [3] Switching between iPhone and iPad

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Many, if not all mobile card games require players to play on only one device. I guess they want to avoid schemes where multiple players play on the same account (or one player opens the game in multiple devices at the same time) ^^;

In these games if you want to switch between iPhone and iPad (in case you own both), you need to transfer authorization from one device to another. Basically you can’t no longer play on previous device (unless you switch back).

iPad has a nice big screen, while iPhone has wireless data network so I can play outside (my iPad is not LTE version since I don’t think I’ll use it much outside ^^;)

Apparently for this game, switching between iPhone and iPad is relatively convenient. It’s still annoying, but not as troublesome as the other games I know. I think for Love Live School Idol Festival, you would need to enter long passcode.

First time

Go to メニュ -> データ引き続き. You would need to connect to either Mixi, Twitter, Google or Facebook account. In Twitter case, you would also need to confirm by e-mail (not sure about others).


The scenario is typically like this.

Let’s say I’m currently playing on iPad and I want to switch to iPhone.

– Open app on iPhone

– On start screen, it will detect you’ve been playing on other device (iPad).

– The game will restart, now with データ引き続き option on start screen. Connect to either your Mixi, Twitter, Google or Facebook account (will switch to Safari to press some confirmation).

– The game will restart again. This time you can start playing.

So yeah, need to see the start screen three times. But since you just need to press buttons instead of typing stuffs as long as you’re already logged in to those services (in my case, Twitter) it’s still not too bad.


You can reach situation when the game is open in both devices (for example, if I didn’t close the game on my iPad). The previous device doesn’t seem to catch up with the action you took in current device. I’m too scared to take any action in previous device (iPad in my example) since I might be considered ‘cheating’ and get banned etc.

In a situation where you don’t remember which is the current device, you can just exit the game and restart to make sure. If you can play immediately after the start screen, that’s the current device. If not, just do データ引き続き and it’ll become the current device.

Playing iPhone on outside while iPad at home kinda feels like those Vita/PS3 games where you play on Vita outside, play on PS3 at home (except that there is no additional cost in this case) ^^


17 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers [3] Switching between iPhone and iPad

  1. Ryla

    wonder if you’re gonna read this, since you’ve stopped, lol
    can you backup your data from the game? since my game is kinda corrupted, it shutdown on its own after i pick the costume/accessory option (cant read the kanji, the option left of voice).
    so i am planning to reinstall the game, but kinda afraid of deleting all my time invested in the game.
    if we do can, how to do so?

    1. Helu Post author

      Your ‘game data’ is not stored locally but on their servers. If you connect your game with any of the services like Twitter, you can delete the game, reinstall, then connect to Twitter again, and your progress should be intact

      1. Ryla

        which option do we choose to get our last progress after reinstall?
        iam using facebook though, it doesn’t matter what service we use right?

      2. Helu Post author

        I’m pretty sure which service doesn’t matter… all of them are used as a means to ‘identify’ yourself (so they know which game progress to resume to). The option would be somewhere in the start menu… like at the top/bottom/side of ‘start’. I’m sorry, it’s been a while since I played it ^^;

  2. Bui Baotruc

    Hi, somebody help me, i play schoolgirlstrikers, i re-install game, but when i star this game again, i lost account, have 3 option like when i began this game, that so crazy, please help me fix problem

  3. andra1

    let’s just say this new device i’m about to use was already used to play this game, can i use my account on that device? if i can, how do i sign in?

    1. Helu Post author

      You need to associate your game progress with Facebook/Twitter etc on your old device. Then on your new device, on start screen, you can load game progress by using Facebook/Twitter verification.

      1. andra1

        i did sign in to SQEX Bridge via Facebook on my old device, but the new device don’t give me option to sign in at the start menu and use the device’s old ID instead

      2. Helu Post author

        Hmm, you can try deleting the game on new device and reinstall again. The option should be somewhere near the start in start menu.

      3. andra1

        welp, i did factory reset and there’s still no option to sign in at the start menu and it still direct me to the old ID instead of mine…
        trick question, is there a way to sign out from a current ID or maybe delete it? i just hope the sign in option will appear that way

      4. andra1

        that’s okay, your guide have been a great help to me and i can’t keep bothering you. anyway, thanks for your help

  4. andra1

    thanks again for your help, just want to say that you can use your phone as personal hotspot that act as a internet wifi so you can play with your ipad when there’s no wifi around


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