Schoolgirl Strikers

Square Enix recently released a new mobile card game for iOS 7:

スクリーンショット 2014-04-11 0.08.56

Official site with App Store link

This game is very new. I think it’s either released yesterday or today (11th April 2014).

You can pretty much guess the ‘inspirations’ of this game ^^; (Infinite Stratos, Strike Witches, Vividred Operation, etc etc)

Here are the characters (yep, this is one of those all-female games ^^;):

スクリーンショット 2014-04-11 0.09.20

The first 4 rows (20 of them) are the strikers. The rest seem to be story characters.

The game is a universal app so I can play it on iPad. Personally, It looks great on iPad’s larger screen. On iPhone, I imagine some parts of the UI might be a little small and annoying… ^^;

Behind the higher production values (3D models, voice-acting, story, cutscenes, animations), it’s still a mobile card game at heart. But it does make modifications to the standard formula.

Firstly, there’s no combining of cards, at least manually. If you receive an exact same card, it will automatically combine with the previous card, ‘ranking up’ the card and raising its stats.

You’re supposed to form a team of 5 girls (that means 5 cards). The cards represent a particular attack (complete with health and skill) and they are character-specific, meaning the characters featured in the 5 cards indeed correspond to 5 girls. This means that if you get a new card featuring a new girl, you do unlock a new girl. And you’re not allowed to have clones, so the 5 cards must be of different girls.

However, for each ‘main’ card, it can be attached with one ‘sub’ card. Unlike main cards which are girl-specific, you can attach any card as the sub card, even if the card is of a different girl. It will just add health and attack stats from the sub card to the total stats (but not the skill).

You can choose one of the girls as ‘partner’, meaning the main girl you talk to in home screen, etc. Guess which girl I picked? Recently twintails bug bit me, so ^^;


(You can change partner anytime, of course)

Her name is Mana, and one of her distinct quotes is まっほー (“ma’hoo!”, sounds like ‘mahou’ or magic). This is her version of やっほー, “ya’hoo!” (not to be confused with ‘yahoo I did it!’, this is a feminine way of saying ‘yo!’).

You can think of her as a more cheerful Azusa from K-On or Wendy from Fairy Tail, or Nico from Love Live without the flip personality.

In terms of gameplay modes, there are Mission (standard ‘spend AP to progress’) and Battle (fight agains other player teams). The AP regenerates every 3 minutes while the Battle ticket regenerates every 30 minutes. I gotta say this is relatively simple game so far. Maybe it’s because they haven’t rolled out the events yet.

The economy is not overly-complicated but I still think it’s more complicated than necessary. There are roughly 6 currencies in this game: rare diamonds (to exchange with items and ‘synthesize skills from unused Rare cards’), gacha points, accessory points (to get accessories to customize the girls’ look), power-up points (to increase card levels) and stella coin (this is THE real-life currency of this game, 1 coin = 1 yen).

Just need to compile a list of ways to get each currency (maybe next post).

Oh, and do you know what is the context of the mission? Basically you’re together with your team of 5 girls, searching for a monster in the city. You progress by ‘chit-chatting’ with the girls as you search (it doesn’t seem to matter who you keep talking to) until you find the monster ^^;


This is like those anime situations where the characters talk to each other before they ‘bump’ into their target. Gotta say the use of this is pretty creative (compared to other card games ^^;)

I guess I’m gonna try this game for a few days.

If you’re starting on this game as well, I would appreciate it if you use this referral code: dRxtDTR0RY21x . You’ll get 5 rare diamonds (in-game item) while I get one ^^

Am I going to spend money in this game? Probably not but we’ll see ^^;

Square Enix once had a card game that I thought was interesting called Galaxy Dungeon. I stopped playing for a while and before I realized it, it’s been shut down and that means all the money I’ve spent (about 10,000 yen?) has gone down the drain… ^^;


14 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers

    1. Helu Post author

      Sorry, I no longer have the game. But I believe you should set her as the team leader. If I remember correctly, go to メンバー and try to see if there’s some selection like チームリーダー or something like that on the girl.

      1. Danny

        Hi Helu,

        Thanks for replying to my comment. I finally figured out how to change it. You just need to change the order of the team. The first line, is the one that’s going to be your partner (:

        On the other hand, you have a simple yet awesome game diary. Keep it up ! (:
        Maybe we can hang out and chat to share some of our game experiences. I also love to play games and I see that you mostly play Japanese game, which I am too.

        Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day !

      2. Helu Post author

        Ah yep, that’s it :p

        Thanks for the kind words ^^ I’m slowing down on buying new games though and I’m now trying to finish all the games I bought ^^; Do you have any blog, website, social media etc?

      3. Danny

        Hey Helu,

        We’re on the same boat. I do have some games that I haven’t finished or opened yet. My friend, suggested me to finish all of those first then buy a new one XD
        I’ll send you a link to my blog through e-mail. Is that okay with you ?
        My e-mail: dw(dot)danny12(at)gmail(dot)com

        See you soon

      4. Helu Post author

        Yeah, all those unfinished games feel like extra weight to me, especially now that I’m moving toward minimalism ^^; Can you post the link here instead? So others can find your site, too ^^

      5. Danny

        Thanks ! Your blog also awesome. I always wanted to do something like this. (:

        I saw your games mostly Japanese, are you Japanese or you can read Japanese ?

      6. Helu Post author

        Nah, your sites are better. Not just the photos but even the layouts as well. Mine is just simple ^^;

        I’m not Japanese but over time I learnt the language (informally, from playing Japanese games and reading manga). I’ve begun taking Japanese classes last year to fill up the holes in my understanding :p In fact, I’m taking JLPT N3 exam this July ^^

      7. Danny

        The main beauty of a blog is the contents itself you know (: I haven’t update it again … orz

        Wow, same as me ! I also learning by myself. Unfortunately, I havent got the time like I did before :( I’m keep finding the time as it’s fun when playing a Japanese game and we understand it. :D

        That’s awesome ! I hope you can pass that exam with no problems ! (;

      8. Helu Post author

        But in this blog, I don’t really write for others (although occasionally I do). That’s why I don’t think too much about how to make the posts good and just type away ^^; I’m leaning away from the style of some gaming diary blogs which have become ‘semi-gaming news’. There are many good gaming news sites out there, don’t feel the need to start another one.

        Allow me to introduce you to some good Japanese learning sites ^^ The famous one is (learn Japanese the Japanese way) (‘the grammar guide’ was the old guide, ‘the complete guide’ is something more recent) and there’s also that goes into details of many very specific topics X)

        Thanks ^^ keep new posts in your blog coming. I might come and write some comments ^^

        I wanted to buy Miku v2 nendoroid (number 300?) at one time actually but decided not to. Nothing against nendoroids though (I even have Nendoroid Generation PSP game), I think they’re adorable. It’s just that I don’t want to start another hobby that once I start rolling can potentially cost me a lot of money ^^;

      9. Danny

        That’s still awesome you know. Everytime I wanted to make a post, I always got no idea what to write most of the time XD Your gaming diary is nice so far.

        Thank you ! I’ll make sure to check it out as soon as I got time. Got a lot of works and projects on my hand right now. Until to the point, where I can’t handle it alone XD

        Will do ~ and any feedback and comments are always welcome !

        Yeah, I can tolerate that. We’re in the same boat. Most of my hobbies, cost a lot of money and I can’t afford most of them :/ I need to narrow it down to the things I only really really care about … orz Wish I can balance out everything and buy only the things I want in each hobbies. That’s what I might gonna do XD

      10. Helu Post author

        Nah, you write nice things too (like how to look at life and improve, etc) ^^

        Good luck with your work! ^^

        Yep, I think life is mostly about balance lol

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