Ciel nosurge [3] All memories repaired

Managed to repair all memories (story cutscenes) in Ciel nosurge.

This is just ‘Vol.1’ though (i.e., what’s included in the game, the base pack).

She’s apparently an utahime (songstress) and her song saved a city, lol


So I got the gold trophy of this game (there’s no platinum)


I’m still missing one trophy though, which is to enable a feature to be able to sleep ‘next’ to her. It apparently requires me to talk to her when she’s about to sleep. I had a chance back then but apparently she didn’t like me enough to allow me to sleep next to her. Not sure about now, but haven’t found another chance since then.

The Vol.2 DLC (more cutscenes, more trophies) is apparently free. So I should either download it and start playing further or get this last trophy first. Another thing to worry about is my memory card’s space… (I’m only using 4GB card) ^^;


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