Japanese gaming diary blogs

Today I’d like to introduce two Japanese gaming nikki (diary) I found that I think it’s pretty good and similar to what I’m trying to do (in fact, I think I was inspired by this kind of sites when I started this blog) ^^

The first is 追い詰められた実績トロフィー追い人

スクリーンショット 2014-04-12 13.49.21

The site puts a lot of efforts in putting accompanying images. It lists the games the author is currently playing. The author posts about his progress, and when he’s done he does two separate reviews: one for the game and one for trophy difficulty. He gives a trophy difficulty rating to every game he plays. There are also many Amazon Japan affiliate links… ^^;

Second is 悪食のゲーマーブログ

スクリーンショット 2014-04-12 13.56.39

More closer to my blog, this site has ‘cleaner’ design and it branches to other topics such as manga, anime, figures etc. Even so, it also posts a lot of images ^^

Do you know other good gaming diary sites (not news aggregate sites)? Please let me know! X)

2 thoughts on “Japanese gaming diary blogs

  1. Bella

    This sucks, there are so many Japanese awesome games, especially RPG card games but only Japanese language, I’m seriously thinking learning Japanese language because of that lol love those games, with my very specific taste in online games I only play RPG Card games like sometimes free online dirt bike games thats all


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