Neptune Re;Birth 1 [2]

Started playing this game again and was rather surprised at my burst of progress :p

– Reached last part of story (third playthrough)
– Unlocked every enemy drops (not DLC ones)
– 10,000,000G (10% of the trophy requirement… -.-)

The new DLC map (pack 1) kinda bitch-slapped me though. My characters are around level 170-ish and apparently it’s not enough… -.-”

Trying to synthesize all the costumes and accessories now. Accessories seem a lot… -.-;

Or just keep killing クリオネ again and again (for EXP and money). Apparently I’m strong enough to beat the non-DLC one that gives the most EXP (at ZECA二号) without trouble now.

Although I’m not a customize-kind of person, can’t help but to try some of the costumes to breath some life to the grinding a bit…



I bet these are content from PP… ^^;


There seems to be a school outfit for every goddess but so far I only get Planeptune and Lowee ones.

I can see two platinums coming (this one and MGS4). They’re so close yet so far… ^^;


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