Schoolgirl Strikers [6] Current Event

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Official site with App Store link

The first event in Schoolgirl Strikers runs today!


Period: 15th April 11:00 to 21st April 23:59 (Tokyo Time)

There’s a maintenance period on 17th April from 13:00 ~ 17:00 (~4 hours) though so might want to take that into account.

This time it’s a simple point-collecting event. Just go to special mission instead of the normal ones, progress and beat monsters. I’m sure there are other event types in the future.

For these games, the events are usually a make-or-break (for me) whether you can get all the event prizes even without spending money.

The highest prize, SR card, requires 5000 points. Since the event runs in 7 days, that means need to collect ~715 points per day.


Also, with the points, you can purchase 18 special maid cards that also double to give the characters maid costumes (although there are 20 girls, the maid costumes of the 2 girls are gotten in different way) (it’s okay to use the points, as the ‘points obtained so far’ when aiming for the SR card etc won’t be reduced).


You can get each card for 100 points, but you can buy each 3 times (getting duplicates make the card stronger), so if you want to buy everything, it’s really 18 x 100 x 3 = 5,400 points. That means you might want to get 5400 / 7 = ~775 points per day.

Maid Mana ^^


Is it doable without spending money? Maybe (will have to see how many points I get by the end of the day) but I imagine it’s pretty stressful, like need to check constantly to ensure the stamina doesn’t overrun, and need to take advantage of full restore when level-up.

You get 3 stamina restore items as you collect points, so can use those 3 when needed, I guess. I also have saved up the stamina restore items I received previously in case of emergency.

Another stressful thing about this game is since you might enter Chance Zones in the mission, which only open up for 5 minutes or so, it means that you might want to be in as full AP as possible (if you only have little AP, you might not be able to do much in Chance Zones). If you put this into consideration, you can’t just play when there is enough AP, you want to wait until the AP is almost max.

Also, the best way to collect points seem to defeat the strong random monster.

Unless I’m missing something, Chance Zones should be the best time to use AP restore items.

P.s., If you’re starting on this game as well, I would appreciate it if you use this referral code: dRxtDTR0RY21x . You’ll get 5 rare diamonds (in-game item) while I get one ^^


9 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers [6] Current Event

  1. Rune

    Orz they said they will kick overseas player from the app at the first maitenance, because the app isn’t actually universal

    1. Helu Post author

      Maybe they accidentally released the app outside Japan iTunes Store? And people can use their local currency to buy the coins? (so it only affects those who download it outside Japan iTunes Store)

      If they use our connection to determine whether we are overseas (what about real Japanese who happen to be overseas?), I think can still use VPN to bypass the restriction. Well, moment of truth later ^^ Thanks for the heads up :D

      Update: still playable to me ^^

      1. Rune

        Ahh, it’s here, i’ve been locked
        It shows this pop-up:

        Been tryin to bypass with VPN still no luck.
        I guess i have to change store eventually, make a fake japanese account.
        On the announcement yesterday, they tease US release sometime later though.
        But screw it, i can’t keep my Mana waiting :))

      2. Helu Post author

        I feel your pain… ^^; The good news is that I can confirm you can still play it fine if you download the game from Japan iTunes Store

        I think if you connected the game to either Mixi, Twitter, Google or Facebook account before, you can recover your previous data instead of starting fresh with the game downloaded from Japan iTunes Store (maybe you know this already?)

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