Neptune Re;Birth 1 [3] Capped at level 399… -.-;


I tried the supposedly ‘super hard’ enemies from DLC pack 1. I was around level 300 and turned out they weren’t difficult ^^;

But one of them for some reason didn’t want to drop all the equipments. So I kept beating it and getting 2 million EXP each time, and my whole party reached level 399 in no time… ^^;

Now I have to decide whether to get DLC pack 2 (raise cap to level 699) or keep playing without buying further DLC…

Damn monetization tactic… -_-”

The equipments dropped by the super hard enemies btw make the sisters very powerful. I shouldn’t have purchased their 1 million G less-powerful equipments in shops… -.-;

And my total money is still 18 million (18% of trophy requirement)… -_-“

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