Neptune Re;Birth 1 [4] Platinum!

I decided not to get further DLC and just went ahead to platinum this game.


I needed to keep killing クリオネ to get lots of money and the weakest one is at Millennium dungeon. With a party of Vert, Uni and Noire (in this turn order), I can beat it in 10 to 12 seconds (by touch-mashing the screen to skip attack animations). Vert just racks up EXE Drive gauge with her 8-hit rush combo, while Uni and Noire finish it off with EXE Drive attacks.

I wanted Uni (the one with strongest attack stat) to be able to finish it off by herself (so only two characters take action, shaving off 3-4 seconds) without anyone turning into Goddess form but alas, I couldn’t find a way to make that happen, as she left クリオネ with a slither of health (everyone is capped at level 399 and I have tried putting the right equipments and disks)

It actually takes longer for クリオネ to respawn (about 20 seconds?). I just put the character next to spot where it would respawn, automatically triggering the battles.

How do I bear with the grind? I basically watched video. When I saw peripherally that the game has entered battle, I would pause the video, beat the battle, and then resumed watching lol.

I first watched Neptune The Animation (related lol), but upon realizing that it seems to be a mix of original storyline plus mk2 and Victory (both of which I haven’t finished) I stopped watching to avoid spoilers ^^; I watched Resident Evil Damnation instead and got the trophy one-third through the movie lol (makes me want to play Resident Evil 6 again ^^)

This is actually my first platinum of the Neptune series. With the upcoming Black Heart spin-off game, and the recently announced Neptune Victory II and Neptune U (action game spin-off for Vita), this series sure has grown.

As a wannabe Neptune series fan, I still need lots to catch up… ^^;

2 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 1 [4] Platinum!

  1. OshareKeiji

    Good call. The anime is pretty much a mish-mash of mk2 & V (though V’s part feels a little too haphazardly tacked-on compared to the actual game’s story).

    If ever you actually do feel like playing RE/Bio 6 sometime, give me a holler and maybe we can do Co-op or something. Could do with someone familiar for once, I pretty much just crash random user games all the time.

    1. Helu Post author

      Sure! I’ve kinda been thinking for some time to go back to RE6 too. Maybe after I’m done with a few games and real life work ^^; I think I’m in the middle of doing the partner playthroughs (did Helena, doing Chris’ partner) Haven’t played the co-op mode before but I’m sure I would require some help ^^


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