Schoolgirl Strikers [7] New Goal

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I can confirm that when a character’s affection level reaches 20 (previously was 11), you would get a rare gacha ticket for sure. That means another 20 rare gacha tickets (20 girls x 1)!

Here’s what I did to rotate the girls cleanly:

– For the girl to be rotated out (i.e., have already reached level 20), go to her メモカ setting, equip her weakest card for her main card and take out her sub card. This makes her possibly strongest cards available to others.

– When you rotate a girl in (I just follow the ‘official’ order), go to her メモカ and click おまかせ. It will automatically set the strongest cards for her.

– To check whether you have equipped the strongest cards to overall team, go to メモカ from Main Menu, which list all the cards you have. Set the sorting order to 会計値高い順 すべて (all cards sorted from strongest first). If there is an non-sub-equipped card before a sub-equipped card, check which girl equips that sub-equipped card, and click おまかせ on that girl’s メモカ setting (it should change her sub to use the previously non-sub-equipped card).

P.s., If you’re starting on this game as well, I would appreciate it if you use this referral code: dRxtDTR0RY21x . You’ll get 5 rare diamonds (in-game item) while I get one ^^


10 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers [7] New Goal

    1. Helu Post author

      Thanks for the info and compliment ^^ but to be honest I no longer play this game because I don’t like how they design the gameplay (rate of earning event points in collection event is by luck and they obviously want players to keep buying ap recovery potions to remain in chance zones) hence no more posts of this game ^^;

      The girls may be cute and I personally like Mana but when I think about it there are also infinitely many other choices out there ^^;

      But this is just me ^^; keep playing the game if you enjoy it ^^

  1. Aku Akane

    Sorry to comment on a year old post, especially since you don’t play the game anymore, but I started playing SGS about a month ago or so and really the only issue I’m having with the game is that I have no clue what the diamonds are for or how to use them. At first I thought they were an alternate way to pull gacha (1 diamond=R, 10 diamond=SR) but either that isn’t the case or I just couldn’t figure out how to switch my way of paying from coins to diamonds. I’ve got 54 diamonds and no idea what to do with them so if you could hep me out that would be great of you.

    1. Helu Post author

      Sorry I no longer play the game, however I can still check the Japanese wiki for you. But I think you have to send me some screenshots as hints, otherwise I have no idea which item it is :p

      1. Helu Post author

        Ok, apparently you can go to Menu -> Shop and exchange these Diamonds for some items. These items are:
        – Rare Gacha Tickets for 10 Diamonds.
        – ‘Recollect Key’ for 8 Diamonds. When you give this item to a girl, it will unlock her Scene/Memory.
        – Present items to give to girls to increase their affinity to you (each girl likes different items)

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