Metal Gear Solid 4 Platinum


Finally platinum’ed the game! XD

Had to restart Big Boss Emblem run due to my stupidity in managing save data, but I managed to break through the most difficult part, which is the bike chase sequence in Act 3.

Here are some tips for supposedly the hardest parts:

Bike chase part 2

At the start a group of soldiers are shooting and Snake can easily lose half his health here. Supposedly if you throw either smoke or stun grenades correctly you can avoid damage, but I found that if you target the closest soldier (with stun shotgun), you can lose just about 1/6 of health, which is relatively still okay.

The trick of this part is that you can die easily if you didn’t manage to stun the two vehicle shooters after you jump over them. You can stun one of them during the bullet-time jumping over part, but the trick is the other one. You can actually snipe him in the earlier part using Solar Gun if you keep aiming (instead of letting the cutscene change the camera) (after the first Frog unit that drops on the van) and the opportunity window is pretty small (it would be blocked by the van soon).

Bike chase part 3

This part is supposedly even more difficult, but I found that if you keep throwing chaff grenades (which is unlimited during bike ride), the flying chasers would never hit you. The trick of this part is not to get hit by the vehicle shooters at all since one scripted hit from them can take about 1/3 of your health. Solar Gun and some memorization on when they appear can do the trick. At the part when two of them appear together, I just take down one of them and let myself get hit by the other one. As long as I don’t get hit at all before that, I find that I have enough health to survive the rest.

After these parts, the other parts of the game are not too difficult, though I still need to keep retrying for some of them ^^;

After doing Big Boss Emblem run, I had to do the final Jaguar playthrough (75 alerts with few kills and continues). Because of ‘platinum-high’ I just go ahead and get it done with :p

Another platinum down, and probably the one I’m most proud of ^^

For Metal Gear Series, I’m left with Metal Gear Solid 2 (both PS3 and Vita) and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance to platinum. Both games which feature Raiden lol. Not that I dislike him or anything, it’s just that these games happen to be difficult to platinum.


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