Hyperdimension Neptune


Another restart, yet another attempt to play the first game of Neptune series ^^;

This time, I think I get the gist of the game (with the unlocked elements so far). Maybe my Japanese has improved considerably (tomorrow is my last intermediate class) or maybe because I have restarted this game for several times now (never far from the start).

For some reason I tend to get nauseated when playing this game previously, which I’ve since understood why. Apparently in any 3D game (so not just this game), if the camera control rotates too slowly, I could get headache. I’ve fixed it by setting the camera rotation speed option to max (which I think is still not fast enough… ^^;)

Now that I kinda understand the gameplay, I feel that this game is quite brimming with innovation to the RPG genre (or I haven’t played enough of them ^^;)

The R/W disc attack skill, which allows players to use any image (the developers want players to use game character’s art) as ‘summon’ (gimmicky but pretty cool concept).

Combo Skill, which allows players to customize character’s 4-hit combos (64 possible combinations). It used to be a scary thing to me but not any more ^^

Item Skill, which allows players to distribute points to the probability of item usage activating (which each item itself has its own requirements). I think this is pretty cool and reminds me of Final Fantasy XII (though not exactly).

Being able to change elemental bullets for bullet and shoot-type attacks in battle is also pretty cool.

Despite the unique gameplay elements, I feel too bad that the graphics and animations of this game are not very polished… It would be nice if it could feel smoother -,-

I think I can beat this game this time (unless there’s some 鬼門 that I’m not aware of… ^^;)


2 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptune

  1. OshareKeiji

    lol. so you’ve also gotten the “kimon” thing too eh?

    Anyway. It’s not really that hard. Just make sure you updated the system because playing it vanilla has issues that will lock you out of a trophy. Also, be sure to save before doing dungeons. Failing a run causes it to go to the “other” share, which is permanent.

    Cliones are still the key to leveling up, and you’ll see them more commonly here.


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