Hyperdimension Neptune [2]


Having played the remake Re;Birth 1 first, I kinda realize how substantially different the original game is (compared to mk2 and its remake Re;Birth 2) 0.o

In the remake, I had to go through Noire (ch2) -> Vert (ch3) -> Blanc (ch4) in order. But in the original game, those 3 chapters become like one huge ch2 and I have to keep moving around the continents in order to progress respective stories. And it seems for now the likely order of completion in the original game is Noire -> Blanc -> Vert?

Also, Gust and NISA are not in the remake. Licensing issues? Production cost? (They seem to be replaced with the game characters from Victory) ^^;

The game gets a little monotonous now but I kinda like the simplicity of it. It’s the first game after all.

In this game, I kinda feel the cool-to-cute ratio is slightly higher compared to the rest of the series (which is how I personally would prefer it) (I guess it’s because of the opening movie, the music, the Kamen Rider-like sound effects). Some of the character traits are also not ‘perfectly’ defined yet, so they might be not as funny.

I remember I was expecting another cool opening movie for mk2 when I first bought it. But since mk2 onward, all the opening movies have been the cheerful type ^^;

I’m pretty sure I can keep playing till the end (unless I’m bored to death by the repetition – thank god I can skip the attacks) ^^;

5 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptune [2]

  1. hazandyne

    Nippon-Ichi-chan and Gust’s absence stems from a little RL separation clause.

    See, Nippon Ichi was involved in a bit of a legal snag. CH and IF wanted no part in that, hence the purge. I’ll let you look up the specifics on your own if you’re actually interested.

    That’s why RED and Broccoli took their place.

    An interesting fact about RED is that she appeared in this game first as a DLC character, but when the source dev was merged with another company, she made no subsequent appearances until her return in ReBirth;2.

      1. Helu Post author

        I see, thanks for the info! X) Didn’t know RED is also in this game besides Re;Birth 2. I tried looking up NISA legal problem, no luck though… ^^;

  2. hazandyne

    try Nippon Ichi instead of NISA. It’s supposed to be the parent comapany after all. But then again, I just got wind of that via 2chan, so the accuracy can be somewhat questionable.


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