Hyperdimension Neptune [4] True ending + 100% events


Managed to get 100% events in collection by affecting the shares like this:
Planeptune 40% -> Lastation 50% -> Leanbox 50% -> Lowee 50%

Planeptune 40% is to get a funny NISA event. After every goddesses join in, there are also additional events in Planeptune and Lowee (curiously not in Lastation and Leanbox).

The share system turns out not to be complicated (mk2 is the one that kinda blows it out of proportion). It’s just that the shares don’t seem to be able to get to 0 (I guess those are reserved for when the goddesses get KO-ed or I fail in quests etc)

Also managed to get 100 combo trophy. I thought I had to eventually play around with the combo set-ups, but it turns out when the final boss is in guard break, I realized that switching characters doesn’t reset the combo. So all I did was launch as many of the goddesses’ strong multi-hit attacks during guard break ^^;

I’m left with going through all the free quests, S-ranking them and some grinds like doing 50 baton-passes and 20 revives. I just hope that some of the quests are not too difficult without the use of paid DLC… ^^;

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