Hyperdimension Neptune [5] Platinum! XD


Finally managed to platinum the game T_T

I first tackled every quests (needed for a trophy), keeping in mind the enemies I’ve beaten. Fortunately I would get S-rank on first try for almost every quests (needed for another trophy). The pace can feel pretty painful at times even with action-skipping and eject buttons -_-”

Also, there are some annoying quests that ask you to collect items dropped by monsters. The problem is in some of these quests, the monsters are rare and their item drop rate is pretty low too. Not only that, the S-rank scoring seems stricter in these missions than defeat-boss missions. I really want to punch the guy in charge of this gameplay element ^^;

It turns out some enemies can only be faced from DLC quests. And I was having trouble finding and downloading the DLC from PS3’s PlayStation Store that I have to do it on PC, then go to Download List on PS3 -_-”

The last 2 enemies are from DLC quest with recommended level of 900 (but I’m not even level 99 yet… -.-;). I was worried that this is their trick to force me to buy the stat boosts. Luckily these enemies are not the bosses and they are beatable (although they do hit pretty hard). Anyway, as soon as I beat them, the 100% trophy pops up immediately so I don’t actually need to defeat the boss of the quest (I don’t save and just load previous save to avoid penalty).

Then I’m left with 2 trophies: to ‘baton pass’ (switch row and back members) 50 times and to revive ally 20 times. These can actually be done pretty fast. For baton pass, I just make all character’s X-X-X-X combo end with baton pass move, and then I just do monster call in dungeon and keep making the characters baton-passing. For revive ally 20 times, I just strip away the 2 active members of their equipments and item skills beside Compa and let Compa keep reviving them during final boss fight. Like the 100% trophy, I didn’t save the game after doing all these and just load previous save to avoid any penalty (and having to undo the set-ups).

And that’s it, my second platinum of Neptune series (first is this game’s remake) ^^

To be honest, I quite like some parts of this game. I probably would miss them as they get changed in later Neptune series.

Anyway, time to rest… ^^;


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