Hyperdimension Neptune mk2


Now that I’m done with Hyperdimension Neptune, I can move on to the second game, mk2.

I’ve tried restarting this game several times, but this is the first time I can play it with the knowledge of having beaten the first game ^^ (although mk2’s gameplay is closer to the third game Victory and beyond and apparently mk2’s world is not the same as the first one… ^^;)

This time, I try not to use any guide, at least until post-game (I used wiki guide for the first game to make sure I don’t miss any enemies needed for 100% collection trophy). Guides usually don’t really make any sense without having played far enough into the game anyway, and I think it just builds up unnecessary stress which kills possible enjoyment out of the game.

I’m pretty sure I can beat this game now. I’m also kinda excited about which ending I would get for my first playthrough ^^

First impressions so far: smoother experience than first game, the Neptune series from this game onward also seems to lose a bit of the ‘cool elements’ in favor of simply cute and cheerful. Need to manage both AP and SP in battle -.-; Also, the enemies don’t respawn?! (I took this for granted in Victory and Re;Birth games)

2 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptune mk2

  1. hazandyne

    Not automatically, but there’s an item you can create from the R&D Lab that allows to to instantly revive all defeated enemies within the area. Develop it once, and it’ll be available in the shop much like in ReBirth;1.

    Beware though, in this game, dev stuff in the shop inventory does not carry over between playthroughs… despite this, you can hoard the raw materials so you can gain immediate access to them on the next run.


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