Upcoming games

In this post, I tried to list recent and upcoming games that I have some interest in.

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
Release date: 24th April 2014


So this game is actually already released. I was thinking of buying it but decided not to buy it at launch. Maybe next time, maybe never. As much as it’s supposedly a famous anime, I have not watched it nor scratched anything beyond the surface of the series other than it’s about MMORPG. One of my quirks is that I often dive into new series from the game side first. If I like it, then I might check out the main media (latest example: Mahou Shoujo Madoka). I kinda hold back getting into this series though because my impression is that this is a harem series with pretentious heroic touch (maybe just my unfounded opinion). Asuna for example, probably because of her white outfit, looks like a wife-y kind of character (i.e., it’s meant for you to think about sleeping and having sex with her) ^^; Also, the game seems to be another one of those grinds (if I can help it, I don’t want yet another grind game) >.<

Buy? No to maybe.

Dekamori Senran Kagura
IA/VT Colorful
Persona 4 Dancing All Night

It seems after Project Diva series, character-based rhythm games are booming (just like fighting games a while ago with Street Fighter IV) (or maybe I’m just not observant enough ^^;). If I’m not careful, I would buy every one of these rhythm games (I did buy K-On! and Idolm@ster Shiny Festa after all). Do I really need yet another of these rhythm games? I don’t know ^^; Sticking to Project Diva series seems to be a safe bet too.

Buy? No to maybe.

Idolm@ster One For All
Release date: 15th May 2014


I’m pretty clueless about this game other than you can now produce all 13 idols (instead of picking up to 3). And what does producing all 13 mean? Multitask a few teams? Or it just means some of the characters that have become unplayable in Idolm@ster 2 are playable once again? Is this supposed to be a simpler game (‘Idolm@ster for the rest of us’)? Or does it expand upon Idolm@ster 2 gameplay (i.e., even more complicated)? I have tried both Idolm@ster for Xbox 360 and Idolm@ster 2 on PS3 with varying success. I haven’t even touched Idolm@ster 2 on my current account, so I would probably skip this game.

One thing that caught my attention though is that they somehow put Ranko Kanzaki (one of the popular girls from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls series) in (probably DLC):

Buy? Maybe if I ever finish Idolm@ster 2…

To Love-Ru Darkness Battle Ecstasy
Release date: 22th May 2014


The idea of 3D action game of To Love-Ru Darkness sounds cool, but I’m rather suspicious about this game. First of all, it seems you can only control Rito, who uncharacteristically becomes an adept fighter. In my imagination of To Love-Ru Darkness game, I would control characters like Golden Darkness, Mea or even Momo and Nana. I also haven’t played any of the FuRyu games to know whether they’re an able company. The official site seems to withhold information about the gameplay (just bare overview). In my experience, game site that withholds information = mediocre game (for example, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Battle Pentagram for Vita). The graphics look okay so far though. Guess I’m gonna skip buying on launch and check out Amazon Japan’s reviews two weeks later ^^;

Buy? Depends if the girls are playable.

Chou Megami Shinkou Noire: Gekishin Black Heart
Release date: 29th May 2014


Am I buying this game? Sure ^^ Despite the facts that it’s SRPG (I can count the number of SRPG games I’ve beaten with one hand) and I still need lots to catch up with Neptune series, Noire happens to be my favorite character. She represents PlayStation after all. Also, I find it cool that all the new characters seem to represent popular game series. We have characters that obviously parody Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Project Diva series etc.

Buy? Yes!

Persona Q
Release date: 5th June 2014


Buy? I don’t know…

Love Live School Idol Paradise
Release date: 24th July 2014

The game was supposed to be released on the same day as Noire game, but it seems to be pushed back. Also, the latest PV shows it to be a rhythm-game even though it was supposed to be an idol-producing game. Maybe a mix of both worlds? (in a sense, Idolm@ster 2 also is) This game is another suspicious one but I would buy it anyway. I probably would buy just one version, which is the one that features Maki, Nico and Eli (in the ideal world, I want Nozomi instead of Eli but 2 out of my 3 favorite characters are pretty good, I think).

Buy? Yes, but just 1 of the 3 versions.

Senran Kagura 2
Release date: 7th August 2014

The trailers look so good so far, but here’s the thing: I’m thinking of letting go of this series. I feel that I’ve become a fan of too many series now and would like to prune some of them. I’m thinking I can do with just Metal Gear Solid, Project Diva, Neptune and Love Live series. But this is just my current thought so things can change… ^^;

Buy? Maybe. Maybe not.

Persona 4 Ultimate 2
Release date: 28th August 2014

One of the draws here is that you can finally control Rise Kujikawa, who is only NPC in the first game. But I haven’t even beaten the first game yet (need to reach level 30 in online battles) and the challenge mode is probably out of my league ^^;

Buy? Maybe not. I’ve kinda stopped buying fighting games just for the characters anyway (case in point: I didn’t buy Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate)

Neptune U
Release date: 28th August 2014


It’s pretty funny they put U in the title but it’s not a Wii U game. This should be the Shinovi Versus/Dynasty Warriors equivalent spin-off of the Neptune series.

Buy? You bet!

And that’s it. I probably missed a few more titles, but yeah, lots of games this year… ^^;

You might notice that I’m trying to be careful about getting new games now. If it was me in the past, I would get every one of the games above. It’s just that I think game = my time and unfinished game = extra weight, so I think I need to choose wisely ^^;

Update: I missed Date A Live Ars Install for PS3 and Girls Und Panzer for Vita, both to be released on 26th June 2014.


Buy? Anything drawn by Tsunako seems to be a sure-buy for me ^^ As for Girls Und panzer, the recent trailer, showing how unnatural the tank movement is (I’m sure tanks don’t move like that), kinda kills it for me ^^;

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