Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [2] Visual complete guide front cover art

I forgot I have it, but I actually bought this art+guidebook before:


The main draw for me is the beautiful front cover art. The 4 goddess… I guess in English you would call them goddess candidates? (女神候補生 – megami kouhosei in Japanese) Anyway, they’re lying on grass. Beautiful.

Inside, there’s a version of the image without the labels. Recently I bought a large wireless multi-function center (i.e., printer + scanner combo) and so I gave the scanner a spin.

I didn’t close the cover of the flatbed scanner though, as the instruction told me that I shouldn’t (when scanning books). It’s probably why the resulting scan has lots of color noises.

But here it is anyway:


(You can click on it to access full image)

I can’t seem to find a high-resolution image of this anywhere else (without the labels). I myself think that this is a poor scanning job, it’s just that I don’t want to risk ruining my machine so early ^^;

I also tried to fix the colors as much as I know how to in Photoshop ^^; The front cover image at the top is actually oversaturated by the way. The real life colors are somewhere between it and my scan ^^;

It looks pretty good as iPhone/iPad wallpaper ^^



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