Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [3] progress!


I have gotten furthest ever in the game, and even further than its remake Re;Birth 2 actually X)

I kinda see it now that whereas Re;Birth 1 can be really considered as a remake, Re;Birth 2 is more like half-remake half-port. Well, no point fixing what’s not broken I guess ^^

Now that I kinda understand the battle system, I think it’s very interesting and fresh! It’s like Victory battle system but different. I guess Victory battle system can be thought of as a simplification of mk2’s battle system.

For example, in mk2 we have to take AP into account (how it replenishes is kinda complicated but apparently I find that I don’t have to worry too much about it). In Victory, one way of thinking is that the AP recharges to full every turn (and it can’t overcharge), that’s why it can be moved to main menu and not mentioned in the battle at all ^^

In mk2, the characters have to save up their own SP, whereas in Victory it becomes EXE Drive gauge that everyone can share. The EXE Drive max gauge level 4 kinda corresponds to all 4 characters in mk2 having 100 SP. In mk2 the SP can be replenished in a few more ways though.

Probably one of the notable differences is how the goddess form slowly spends SP each turn in this game (I’m used to goddess form staying indefinitely in the first game and Re;Birth 1). It spends 15 SP each turn, so theoretically to avoid getting out of goddess form we’re supposed to offset it by gaining 15 SP or above during the turn (so at least 8 hits? might be possible in high level and when more moves are available, I guess).

It’s like in Victory they got rid of many of the interesting stuffs in mk2 in favor of something simpler (for low-level gamer like me I guess ^^;)

I gotta say I’m kinda interested now on how they modify Victory system in Fairy Fencer F and upcoming Victory II…


4 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [3] progress!

  1. hazandyne

    Given, the system can be interesting, but it’s a pain in the neck for lengthy battles. Given that long battles are guaranteed (especially in the Colosseum)and this is the only Neptune incarnation with no extra DLC level caps, you’ll eventually understand why the fascination wanes quickly.

    I got used to it, but not having to do the juggling act in V was a significant boon.

    1. Helu Post author

      I think I know what you mean, I have been in a few situations myself where every characters run out of SP and it takes some time to get back to advantageous position lol. Building SP is like two-step process where must build AP first before SP. Oh, so the max level in this game is 99 ^^ but what’s the juggling act in V?

  2. hazandyne

    Juggling act = mk2’s system.

    Plus because of V’s Character Challenges, it’s possible to power up certain stats with minimal leveling.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah I see, I get it now ^^ on yeah, I remember those funny challenges that asks player to make the character jump x times etc lol


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