Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [4] Cave-chan!

Finally met the maker character Cave 😍


I’m thinking whether I should purchase DLC to make Cave playable… but then I could probably use her for free in Re;Birth 2 instead ^^;

Speaking of which, this is actually the first time I ever control Nippon Ichi and Gust. In the first game, although they join the party, they’re just guest characters (I didn’t buy the DLC to make them playable), so I never even saw their 3D models until now.

The lily rank system is also different in this game. It’s just for Nepgear (instead of every characters). More importantly, the lily rank is raised by having the characters fight alongside Nepgear instead of being coupled with Nepgear. Makes sense I guess, since if only the character coupled with Nepgear can raise her lily rank, it would be too slow to raise everyone. But I was wondering why Gust whom I coupled with Nepgear, her lily rank never seems to raise… ^^;

Now that I maxed Compa and IF’s lily ranks, I’m switching IF to Gust. Gust seems to be a magic character. The cool thing about the first game is that with the bullet-system you can experiment to discover the enemy’s elemental weakness, and you can even change the character’s combo mid-battle. Can’t seem to do that here and in subsequent games ^^;

Also, when I played Re;Birth 1, I got the impression that most of the assets are recycled from Victory, but apparently many of the assets date back from this game lol.

Still, I feel this game is many times better than the first game ^^;

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