Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [5] Thoughts on this game’s goddess form…


No, not the visual. They are skimpy and sexy alright. I’m talking about the gameplay :p

As I wondered why they made the goddess form limited in this game by making it deplete SP each turn, I came across this cute little thought that since the goddess candidates (Nepgear etc) represent portable systems, they follow the characteristic of portable systems and that is on normal usage, they run on battery and they will run out of battery, lol.

Whereas the goddesses (Neptune etc) represent console systems and you must plug these machines to the wall in order to play and they will not run out of power. That’s why they can stay in goddess form forever in battle in the first game, Victory and Re;Birth games.

Of course, this argument breaks down when the goddesses eventually join the party in this game and they would have to suffer through the same system ^^; They didn’t translate this system into this game’s remake Re;Birth 2 either, and neither do the goddess candidates retain this particular disadvantage in Victory and Re;Birth 1.

Not only that, Nepgear stays in goddess form for 3 years during imprisonment, doesn’t she? (well, one can argue she’s put in ‘sleep mode’ ^^;)

That’s why it’s just a cute little thing :p

I guess the developers were just paranoid during development of this game that they might unknowingly made a broken game and only realized it after the game shipped, so they put in various limits to reduce that possibility.

Well, they didn’t seem worried about adding that ‘Neptune Break’ in the first game… ^^;

I don’t mind the AP and SP battle system in the game, I still find them engaging (for now). But let me build up some SP and then transform the goddesses for good in battle, willya -_-

I think this is their most stupid design decision of this game.

I can picture in my mind the game still running fine (not too-broken or anything) even without the SP depleting each turn (isn’t that like Victory battle system?)

What I think would be cool (and something they couldn’t think of) is that the SP depleted each turn gets reduced (eventually to 0) as player increases the shares of the goddess’ respective land.

That would be another incentive to raise the shares, and it can also make sense since they supposedly become more powerful when they earn more shares and this game starts with them in weakened state since Majekonnu holds majority of the shares (they’re weak and that’s why they can’t keep up their goddess form for long at first!).

Anyway, that’s my problem with this game (for now, haven’t beaten it yet ^^;). I mostly like it, except for this one limitation.


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