Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [6] Rom & Ram!


Finally Rom and Ram joined the party XD

So that was the original material from episode 2 of the animation… ^^; no illustration or anything though -.-;

They’re at level 36, whereas everyone else is now level 40+… now I’m kinda confused whether I should make both of them be at the front row, just one of them, or not… etc etc.

Just like when I played Re;Birth 1, trying to fill all the ??? marks on bestiary is a ‘kill two stones in one bird’ way of leveling up. Sometimes I get unlucky and I need to beat a particular strong enemy 10 times for it to drop item, but on the other hand it made me even stronger ^^;

I feel the game kinda degenerates into spamming skill attacks now… especially now that I obtained that creator’s sword skill attack thing ^^;


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