Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [8] Maker ending

Did it in one burst of speed-run, I think it took me 3-4 hours.

Chapters 2 and 3 are pretty unbearably long. Something I have to tough out with as I attempt to unlock the rest of the endings.

This maker ending playthrough is quite annoying because I think I could’ve gotten it in first playthrough had I managed to max 5pb’s lily rank.

This is my first time controlling 5pb in Neptune series and I found her pretty cool! She uses electric guitar in battles. It reminds me of one of Dante’s weapons in Devil May Cry 3 X) Some of her attacks are Steins Gate references as well ^^


But nice ending art! Especially Cave’s sexy gown X)


I’m thinking of tackling the rest of the endings in this order: Planeptune -> Conquest -> Lastation -> Leanbox -> Lowee -> True.

I put Conquest before Lastation etc since this ending requires unlocking of Noire etc (so it gives opportunities to raise their lily ranks). The wildcard here is just how difficult are the special bosses in Conquest ending (that’s why I put Planeptune before it so that I can level up a bit). Hopefully not too difficult ^^;


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