Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [9] Conquest ending

Also unlocked Planeptune ending beforehand, but for me that was just a grind.

It turns out that unlocking goddesses is not as troublesome as I expected, as I just need to increase the shares in their respective capital cities.

It’s a different story though to raise Planeptune’s ‘global share’ to 55% in order to unlock conquest ending. Increasing Planeptune shares in all 4 capital cities is apparently not enough that I needed to get more shares from 2 Planeptune cities, and 1 city each from Lastation, Leanbox and Lowee.

But I must say, it was worth it. The conquest ending is probably the darkest tone in Neptune series ever (well, I haven’t beaten Victory yet). It’s tragic and I like it ^^ The ending is also cool that it kinda alludes to being the prequel to the first game (Nepgear possibly turns into Majekonnu, the lone goddess who precedes the 4 goddesses in the first game).


Because of this, this game kinda holds a special place in my heart now (well, maybe I’m using this phrase incorrectly ^^;)

I’m left with 4 endings: Lastation, Leanbox, Lowee and true. I’m saving true ending for last, even though I know from the trophy’s rarity that many players get it on second playthrough.

I feel that I’m not leveling up as fast as I would’ve liked, despite having done 4 playthroughs now. Well, it’s a speed-run from second playthrough onward after all, and only bosses and enemies near the end give good EXP.

So close and yet so far… (I know I can speed up the trophy acquisition by making multiple saves in chapter 5 or 6, but I prefer to complete the gallery) ^^;


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