Hyperdimension Neptune mk2 [11] Platinum!

Finally managed to platinum the game XD

I found the counter stop trophy (maxing every characters to level 99) annoying because I hate grinding and I know there’s gotta be a better way. Luckily I did find the way after reading Japanese strategy wiki.

The trick requires downloading two DLCs: Trinity fountain dungeon and skill pack, both which are free. The key is to make IF faster than the enemies in the dungeon so she acts first (raise her AGI with equipments), then use her DLC coupling skill with Compa. There are enemies on the lower left map that can be killed all at once using this skill. IF’s SP even replenishes to full after killing them, so I can just keep killing and reviving. Each battle is about 290,000-440,000 EXP. Very fast!

There’s another trophy for killing one of the coliseum bosses, Delphinus. This one is interesting as it heavily requires the use of buffs and debuffs. Buff IF’s avoidance stat and make her be the target, buff the main attacker’s STR and TEC (hit rate), debuff the enemy’s AVD, TEC and MOV etc… I don’t have much memory of RPG battles that require heavy use of buffs and debuffs, but this somewhat reminds me of Final Fantasy XIII’s later battles ^^

Overall I find this game very fun. Personally there are a few flaws in the game design but I guess they just don’t want to make the game too easy.

And that’s it, another platinum of Neptune series! XD


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