Ultra Dimension Neptune V


Now that I completed the first two games, I can finally play Victory! XD

I just tried it a bit and gotta say, it really feels like Re;Birth 1 (the first game’s Vita remake and the first Neptune game I ever completed). Re;Birth 1 uses Victory battle system, after all.

But the character challenges, the town UI, how you can fail the symbol attack (I don’t remember getting penalized in Re;Birth 1), the story and possibly more systems keep it fresh.

Unlike the first two games which I used to restart several times, I only stopped at this game once (I stopped at chapter 2, I think just because I thought I should beat the first two games first, which I finally just did). I restarted to see the beginning story again and I’m pretty sure I can beat this game now.

This time besides not checking strategy wiki, I’m not even going to look at the trophy list until I beat it once. I kinda knew though that the true ending is somehow gotten by making use of the traveler system (you can’t unknow what you know, lol). Pretty sure I won’t get it on my first playthrough ^^;

I wonder what’s the 鬼門 this time? (Probably maxing everyone’s lili ranks… ^^;)


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