Ultra Dimension Neptune V [2] Progress!

I reached chapter 3 and then the first boss killed each of my characters in one hit >.<

It's like the game bitch-slapped me, telling me I didn't grind enough (well, with the exception of the first game, it happened to every Neptune games I played so far) ^^;

So I tried completing the bestiary and item synthesis as much as I can. At level 25, the characters earn their first EXE Drive attacks, and I can finally beat the boss. When the boss joined my party, she was actually level 28 0.o

Although the game is fun, I kinda think it has some fluffs, such as the Nepstation segments and the scout system, as if to avoid being thought of as graphically-improved but dumbed-down mk2. I'm ignoring scout system for now because it seems I can do it later; and it can kinda be cheated by entering in and out of dungeons ^^;

I like the character challenges though, it kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy II where the characters' stats increase depending on what they do. Although I don't really keep this system in mind, and they just pop up randomly ^^;

Gotta say I'm liking the story because it's different from the first two games ^^ (it's the only story I didn't know yet, unless we count PP)

I also like the new goddess Iris Heart. I used to own Sega Genesis which she seems to be based on (my only Sega system beside Game Gear) ^^



It’s hard to forget that enigmatic violet shade… ^^;


2 thoughts on “Ultra Dimension Neptune V [2] Progress!

  1. hazandyne

    The first ad for the Sega Mega Drive if you haven’t seen it yet. The “Shock” factor may have been the deciding part of establishing Iris Heart’s personality.

    1. Helu Post author

      Lol, funny ad :D but yeah, for some reason I think Sega Mega Drive is the coolest looking console (followed by the original PlayStation?) ^^;


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