Ultra Dimension Neptune V [4]

So I just reached chapter 10. Probably the longest chapter number in Neptune series so far… Not sure how many more chapters are there but I’m pretty sure it’s reaching the end soon (I think, I fail at gauging this game’s story length ^^;)

I also ran out of money to buy the latest equipments for the characters (didn’t have this problem in the first game and mk2) -.-;

On level 70, the goddesses get the Combo Skill move (except Yellow Heart and Purple Sister), which is a good advantage in battles.


4 thoughts on “Ultra Dimension Neptune V [4]

  1. hazandyne

    Combo Link skill always has been an elder Goddess special, same case as with ReBirth;1. It’s a great EXE Drive filler, just don’t abuse it in boss fights, since the user’s next turn will lag significantly.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yep, and it’s pretty much the reason I use the goddesses than the other characters. I keep using this skill even in boss fights though, so far I find that the benefits outweigh the drawback of delayed turns (maybe I haven’t yet fought bosses where getting the next turn as soon as possible is very important) ^^;

  2. hazandyne

    Yeah, that probably applies more to the harder extra dungeons found via the walker peeps. Still, even in regular boss fights, the best way to make good use of the skill is to just have around 2-3 members using it, while the character who has the heaviest hitting (or most effective for that particular battle) EXE Drive skill should just do a typical chain until the sufficient charge level is achieved.

    But now that you’re on NG+, that’ll probably be moot now until you reach TE’s final area.


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