Ultra Dimension Neptune V [5] Good & normal endings


One of the rare few arts where you can see Neptune’s ‘waki’… I think there are some more in Neptune PP game ^^;

Finally beat the game for the first time X)

Now I can allow myself to check strategy wiki to see what I’m missing.

Apparently there are 3 endings in this game: Normal, Good and True. And I apparently got the Good ending for my first playthrough, which can be gotten as long as I don’t miss any item obtained in sub-events during Chapter 5 and 6.

The Normal ending ends at chapter 8 (instead of chapter 10 for the other endings), so I actually did a speedy second playthrough and got it out of the way (took me about 2-3 hours?)

I guess now I’m going to begin an ‘extensive’ third playthrough to get the True ending and the rest of the trophies.

The Album kinda spoiled the True ending a bit for me though… basically there’s one illustration that shouldn’t be unlocked but it was unlocked (not the ending illustration itself but a scene I never saw) -.-


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