Ultra Dimension Neptune V [6] Platinum!


Managed to platinum the game ^^

Finally got the gist of the scout system, it’s interesting but I really wish they had thought of adding a shortcut to send every scouts to one place. Having to achieve that manually is annoying -.-; (even with the repeat function)

At first I wanted to get 40/40 chapter results for every chapters, but around chapter 4 or so, I found how annoyingly low the item drop rates can be (I never felt this annoyed in mk2 or Re;Birth 1) so in the end I thought **** it. I even procured level 5 idea chips that supposedly increase drop rate but they don’t seem to help much.

So I just collected enough discs that can contain level 5 red idea chips, and the level 5 idea chips to increase lily rank, and go straight to True Ending.

It’s very easy to earn money in this game too ^^… I can sell synthesized Monokuro Style for 1,250,000 G. The final boss was no problem for me mostly because I could buy and use all the expensive items :p

The last grind was to level up everyone to max and to max all their lili ranks.

The max level came first. I just kept killing the first group of enemies in Ura Planeptune with large circular multi-target attacks (Plutia, Rom, Ram; Noire and Vert with Legendary kills).

After maxing everyone’s level, I moved to the easiest valley-like level (the one with 2 parts and has exit at the end) in Lastation and kept going through it to clean up the rest of the lili ranks.

While doing this, I listened to George Carlin’s ‘When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops‘. I was 3 hours in of the whole 7 hours’ clip when I got the platinum lol ^^;

With this, I actually managed to get platinum of all Neptune games in console! XD (unless we count different regional versions ^^;)

Not sure what to do next (while waiting for Noire game next week). Might do either PP, Re;Birth 2, even Fairy Fencer F… (I don’t think I can finish them before Noire game arrives though) or other games ^^;

But so yeah, one more platinum down X)

How do I like this game? Well the story is new so it’s rather fresh. I also like the new characters but gameplay-wise I don’t like the scout system (despite nice concept) and how I need to keep moving around in the UI. Re;Birth 1 seems to eliminate most of these annoying issues.

Oh yeah, now that I’m done with the first 3 Neptune console games, I can actually watch the anime version without spoiling myself (of the game)… X)


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