Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [2] Planning…

After examining the game a bit and looking at the trophy list, I think the most important thing about this game is the event collection. It doesn’t really matter if I get the true ending first time or not, the main thing is to eventually be able to see all the events and get the gold trophies.

Not all the scenes are counted as events (like the prologue and the good night scenes), so the only way to know is see the percentages of event completion rates as they increase.

I think when I do collect the events, I should document them somehow. Otherwise near the end when I’m missing some of the events, I’m going to have trouble even if I seek help, because if I forget which scenes I collected = I don’t know which scenes I’m missing.

I’m also thinking of a way to document my playthrough and I came up with this table:


The 行動 is to record what action I took (営業, レッソン etc). The 選択 is to record my pick when there are choices (hopefully there’s only one per day ^^;). The キー, SP, 活動, オフ and 恋愛 are the event completion rates. The last 20 columns are the shares for each region.

I didn’t add the global shares and also the 総合 event completion rates since that would be too many columns and their values derive from the other columns, anyway.

Most of the numbers I’m inputting are when the values change btw, otherwise it’s gonna be tiring inputting all those numbers each row, and the table might become hard to see anyway ^^;

Except for the event completion rates. I’m pretty sure the events are weighted equally (i.e., longer scenes ≠ higher percentages). After opening scene, the キーイベント completion rate shot up to 7%, so most probably there are about 14 key events (100 ÷ 14 ≈ 7). So for the event completion rates the numbers I’m inputting are my own labels, e.g., under キー column if I put the value 1, that refers to キー1, which is my label for an event that I documented in other tables.

Even though I like Noire among the goddesses the most, I’m gonna play as Neptune first (just my habit to pick the main character first ^^;)



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