Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP

Lol, I think I have to do something about my choice of naming of Neptune games… ^^;

Kami Jigen = Ultra Dimension and Choujigen = Hyperdimension, but the western side apparently chickened out by translating Kami Jigen Geimu Neptune V into Hyperdimension Neptunia V.

Anyway, I picked this game again just to give it a try (still haven’t committed to seriously playing it). Got a trophy for touching one of the characters in View mode lol.

Speaking about the 3D models, although they look fine in Ultra Dimension Neptune V, they feel somehow lacking for an ‘idol’ game. It’s like the developers are just trying to make do with what assets they already have.

Personally I’m not a big fan of these ‘stat-movement’ games like Idolm@ster and Dream C Club (even though I want to like them because of the characters), or visual novel with various parameters like White Album. I think it’s most likely because when playing these games, I’m never quite sure what I’m really doing, what I should do etc and how some scenes are only triggered under the right conditions or parameter values (especially annoying when I aim for scene completion and I don’t know what scenes I’m missing).

Checking out the stats in this game:



So the character seems to have 8 stats: 信頼, ボーカルセンス, ダンスセンス, 表現力, 知識, ガッツ, ストレス and the heart thing (should be love).

The ファン and アンチ things should somehow be related to the shares (global?) (アンチ ‘hater’ should be the percentage of people I won’t be able to turn into fans?).

ボーカルセンス, ダンスセンス, 表現力 should be related to getting high scores in Lives. Not sure about 信頼 (trust), 知識 (knowledge) and the heart thing, but if I were to bet, they’re conditions to unlock certain events. The ガッツ (guts) and ストレス (stress) thing should be some kind of ‘modifier’ (high guts is good, high stress is bad etc)

The share system somehow seems to be in-between mk2 and Victory systems. Or it might be the first game’s system, I can’t remember for sure ^^;

And let’s not forget the possibility of hidden stats…

Unlike other Neptune games, I’m sure stats don’t carry over in next playthroughs (otherwise I can just do lessons in one playthrough to max the stats, and next playthroughs I don’t have to do them anymore ^^;).

If there are things that do carry over, it should be those event completion stats (it seems too much to ask the players to get all events in one playthrough). It’s even divided into 5 categories: キーイベント, SPイベント, 活動イベント, オフイベント, 恋愛イベント.

The キーイベント should be those important or scripted events, whereas 活動イベント and オフイベント should be events when I take those actions (below). Not sure about SPイベント (special? Maybe キー are shared events whereas SP is for individual characters) 恋愛イベント… seems I need to increase the heart to see these events.

But yeah, there seems to be no flowchart or anything to help me check what I’m missing -.-;

Speaking of actions (things I can do to alter those stats), there seems to be 16 of them (divided into 5 categories). They are:

営業: 宣伝活動, イベント, メディア出演, 収録
レッソン: ボイトレ, ダンス, リハーサル, 習い事, 勉強会
オフ: リフレッシュ, 交流, ♥
移動: ラステイション, ルウィー, リーンボックス (for Neptune)

If Idolm@ster is any indication, the 営業 (business) should be to raise fans in a frill way (with the main way to increase fans being ライブ). レッソン (lesson) is to increase the character stats, and オフ should be to reduce stress and increase affection level.

In any case, I feel intimidated ^^;

I feel when playing this kind of games I need to make play logs. But trying to figure out the format (contain all important information, easy to add and go over) is a hassle… -.-;

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