Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [3] Neptune good ending

Got the good ending on day 69 (of 180-day limit).


This game seems easy to me compared to Idolm@ster (for Xbox 360) ^^;

And huh… apparently the stats do carry over 0.o

My key event completion rate is at 87%. The remaining 13% should be the bad ending and the true ending, so I consider them ‘known’.

Although I haven’t gotten all of the events, I think I have some idea on how to collect more of them.

First, I might get an event if I break up with Noire (was forced to form a duo unit with her).

Then form duo/trio with other characters (might even need to form with Noire again for the non-forced version) and break up. Depending on whether the game counts them, that’s 6 combinations x 2 (form and break up) = 12 events.

Seems like I need to increase their friendship levels first though, but yeah, I haven’t even used the ‘visit other country’ feature (not ‘move office to other country’) yet. That should also get me more events.

There was a shared dance lesson event with Noire, so there should also be events for the other duo (even trio?) units.

Then move to all the different countries (I only moved to Lowee when the shares were at a standstill)

Now I can either pick a different character to play, or do second playthrough with Neptune, this time just ****ing around (i.e., not really focused on getting more shares) to get more events and even the bad ending ^^;

But yeah, I think I overestimated the difficulty of this game. For my next character, I would play around and get more events along the way.

A feature that might prove useful in this game is ‘skip read scenes’. So if I can skip them it means I’ve already seen them before.

This is my 1st playthrough table. I removed the share columns from previous post since I found them not that useful and a pain to keep updating ^^;


It’s still annoying to input though. But I think from second playthrough onward when there are repeated events, I don’t have to fill them anymore.

Actually, after knowing that the stats do carry over, most if not all of the stats don’t seem to matter anymore… ^^;


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