Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [4] Neptune Master

Just gotten the Neptune Master trophy. Phew… -.-;


I was stuck at 97% SP event completion for a while. It turned out that there’s an SP event from the Refresh command (I overlooked it because Refresh is usually for Off events, and I have done 100% Off events earlier).

And I thought I have seen every Refresh events before (since it showed me the generic scene) but apparently it now has this new event. I guess it’s true that some events only appear after I increase my stats (the manual says that Trust and Knowledge stats unlock more events).

But yeah, as pointed by many Japanese sources, the not-so obvious events are:

– stressing the goddess up to 80% (the morning events) (the last event is the little sister scolding the player)
– 1 event for solo live in each of the other countries.
– forming and disbanding a unit with other goddesses. The story-scripted unit (when your shares are still low in day 40 or so) doesn’t count (they’re not even counted in event collection, iirc). Duo or trio doesn’t matter, what matters is you see the scenes of the player goddess inviting and breaking up with each goddess.
– 1 dance lesson event for each duo combination. 3 dance lesson events for trio unit (the members don’t matter, so just do it 3 times with the same trio)
– visiting the goddess when your shares are higher and lower than them. The game doesn’t seem to provide all the combinations, e.g., for Neptune, Noire is the only one who comments when Neptune’s shares than hers are higher even though all 3 of them comment when her shares are lower.

The rest can be gotten just by keep using each commands until they run out of events.

I guess I can finally move on to Noire X)

And yeah, I abandoned my table data entry. And now that I kinda understand how the game works, it no longer seems worthwhile anyway… ^^;

2 thoughts on “Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [4] Neptune Master

  1. hazandyne

    If you don’t mind, I’ll be using your insights as reference from hereon out.

    Of course, I don’t really remember where I last stopped in my file, kinda just took a break after getting Neptune and Noire’s endings. This happens to be my very first “event-collecting” game after all.

    But if I get tired at any point during my second run of Macross 30, might just go back into it.


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