Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [5] Noire Master

Gotten Noire Master.


It only took me 3-4 hours this time and I didn’t run into too much trouble X)

I think I could’ve done it within 2 playthroughs, but I made a mistake; I moved to Leanbox for the solo live event but forgot to return to Lastation, so I unintentionally affected the shares in Leanbox. Vert couldn’t recoup the shares fast enough in her hometown and the events I needed to unlock are those that increase shares. So I had to do a third playthrough to collect my last events -.-;

So far it seems that true ending cannot be gotten on first playthrough, even if I picked the right choices. A few of the events that might be necessary also didn’t pop (but they did in second playthrough). I guess it’s because my Trust and Knowledge stats weren’t high enough. It seems all events would unlock once these stats reach rank A.

Some tips:

If you focus on getting shares too early, you might overshoot to the good ending (I did as Noire on day 41 ^^;). Also, you might want to create a situation where you can collect all the share-raising events without any worry of jumping to the ending. One way is to never affect the shares in other countries (if you do solo live in other countries to unlock the events, don’t do anything to fill the ‘circle’ at all) and wait until one of the goddesses amass ’96-1-1-1-1′ shares in her country. She’ll be 25% globally and as long as you only affect the shares in your own country, the max you can go globally is also 25%, so you can’t overshoot her and become the no.1 in the world.

Also, if you plan on playing as different character on next playthrough, you can increase that character’s friendship level with the visit feature in your current playthrough first. Then the friendship level will become love level on next playthrough, and you can immediately get the max love trophy at the end of first day (also no fuss of possibly having to fill the heart within the playthrough in order to unlock all romance-related events).

Working on Blanc’s playthrough now… maybe this time I can do it in 2 playthroughs ^^;

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