Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [6] Blanc Master

Managed to get Blanc master. All that’s left is Vert now ^^

This is the first time I managed to get true ending on first try. I guess raising the stats early made it possible.

Also, apparently raising the Trust and Knowledge stats are not enough, as I found some Business events still not unlocking.

I was missing 1 Activity event and 1 Off event. Not sure how I missed the Activity event on first playthrough (I thought I checked them all when all stats have been raised to rank A), but the missing Off event(s) are usually the events where you visit a goddess and your shares are (significantly?) lower/higher than her. Still not entirely sure but I think they only unlock after first Live (meaning you can’t get it before that – just not raise the shares at all at the beginning and keep fans to 2%, then try getting them after first live).

And most of the events are when the shares are lower (I only see when the shares are higher with Neptune so far – it’s Noire praising Neptune in a sarcastic way like ‘did you hit your head or something?’ – probably a special case?).


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